Sunday, November 4, 2012

Meal in a Jar -- Cream of "Something" Soup

Cream of "Something" mix:
2 c THRIVE Non-fat Powdered Milk (non-instant)
1 c cornstarch
1/2 c THRIVE Powdered Sour Cream
1/2 c THRIVE Chicken bouillon (or any dry granules)
4 T THRIVE Freeze Dried Onions
1 T granulated garlic
1 T dry parsley  
1 t dry thyme
1 t pepper

Combine ingredients, mix thoroughly. Store in airtight jar or container or use in mixes below.

Using the mix you can create any cream of soup you can think up.  Add 2/3 cup mix to a pint jar then fill with any Freeze Dried vegetable (except peas).  Each pint jar will make 4 cups of soup.

Here are some examples:

2/3 cup dry mix with THRIVE Freeze Dried Broccoli -- cream of broccoli
2/3 cup dry mix with THRIVE Freeze Dried Mushrooms -- cream of mushroom
2/3 cup dry mix with THRIVE Freeze Dried Celery -- cream of celery
2/3 cup dry mix with THRIVE Freeze Dried Potato Dices -- cream of potato
2/3 cup dry mix with THRIVE Freeze Dried Diced Chicken -- cream of chicken
2/3 cup dry mix with 1/3 cup THRIVE Tomato Powder (in 1/2 pint jar) -- cream of tomato

Add oxygen absorber to each jar and seal, store in pantry 5-7 years. Mylar good for 3-5 years.

To prepare soup: Add contents of jar with 4 cups water, cook on low to desired consistency.

**or use 1/3 cup dry mix with 1 1/4 cup water for the equivalent of one can of condensed cream soup.

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