Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FD Tropical Fruit Package

The THRIVE Freeze-Dried Tropical Fruit Package was designed to bring flavor and variety to everyday meals.  With the wide selection in this package you will get a taste of the best fruits THRIVE has to offer.  These fruits work wonderfully with smoothies, cereals, and pancakes and you can eat them right out of the can as a healthy snack!

Six #10 Cans -- 262 servings

$118.70  $196.54

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Apricots (FD) - Mangoes (FD) - Pineapple Chunks (FD)
Banana Slices (FD) - Peach slices(FD) - Pears(FD)

THRIVE Apricots are freeze-dried into perfect bite-size pieces that are bursting with all the flavors of freshly ripened apricots.

THRIVE Apricots can be used to make many wonderful snacks, desserts, and even jams. By following the simple rehydration directions you can make fresh baby food, apricot preserves, or tempting apricot-filled cookies.

THRIVE Mangoes are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin A and C. The tropical tastes of mango explode in each bite-size piece of THRIVE Mango. Each piece is freeze-dried to lock in freshness and flavor, so you can enjoy a juicy mango no matter the season.

THRIVE Mangoes blend to perfection to create creamy smoothies and baby food. You can also add a touch of sweetness to any salsa by tossing a handful of mango into the mix.

THRIVE Pineapple Chunks are a freeze-dried, tropical delight. Each bite-size piece is bursting with the combined flavors of tart sweetness. Including THRIVE Pineapple in your diet will bring a new vigor into your life because pineapple helps revitalize your immune system.

THRIVE Pineapple Chunks make delicious smoothies and piña coladas. You can also use THRIVE Pineapple for a great pizza topping or a sweet touch in salsa and salads.

THRIVE Banana Slices are a freeze-dried specialty that adds mouth-watering flavor to healthy snacks, breakfast, and dessert. THRIVE
Banana Slices are an excellent source of potassium, and they retain all the natural flavors and nutrients of bananas picked right off the tree.

You can use THRIVE Banana Slices when they are dry or rehydrated. Simply toss a handful of THRIVE Banana Slices into your fruit smoothies or baked goods for a burst of sweetly tropical flavor.

You can add THRIVE Peaches to a variety of different recipes that are sure to satisfy all your fruit cravings. Try using THRIVE Peaches in cobblers, smoothies, and salsas. You can also rehydrate THRIVE Peaches to make perfectly blended purées and syrups.

THRIVE Pears are freeze-dried into small, bead-size pieces making it simple to receive a quick serving of antioxidants and vitamins. Pears are nutrient-rich in fiber and vitamin C, so they are smart choice for your daily serving of fruit.

THRIVE Pears rehydrate quickly so they are perfect for using in homemade jams and jelly. You can also toss in a handful of THRIVE freeze-dried pears into any fresh green salad to give it a distinctively sweet taste.

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